Understand how the industry can optimize its production processes with the use of cobots

While some factories are still in their infancy with regard to automation and use of robots in their production, others are already running out of time to deliver more efficiency and agility. One of the secrets to this is the use of cobots, robotic arms that can be combined with human labor, so that employees, who were previously dedicated to feeding machines, can occupy functions in which the skills and intelligence are really relevant.

Today, robotics and automation technology using cobots are already found in a wide range of industrial applications, including assembly, distribution, welding, finishing, handling and removal of materials and quality testing. But, I will highlight the automotive and electronic sectors, which are great powers in the country and in the world. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazilian industrial production grew 8% between June and July 2020, being the main responsible, the automotive area.

The electronics, according to IBGE data aggregated by the Brazilian Association of the Electrical and Electronic Industry (Abinee), had a 5.9% growth in production in September 2020, compared to August of the same year. This proves that the innovations implemented in the industries, accompanied by new solutions, can be responsible for the success of the sectors and factories, which are able to deliver more and more quickly and safely.

As previously mentioned, cobots have embedded technology and security that allow installation to be much less complex than traditional robotics and sharing spaces with people. In addition, they reduce typical robotic deployment time from months to days. Another relevant advantage is a gigantic range of plug and play components that can be configured directly on the robot's interface, which includes claws, cameras, software provided by partners around the world.

Denis Pineda

Regional manager for Universal Robots in South America, a leading Danish company in the production of collaborative industrial robotic arms.

Original article: https://www.industria40.ind.br/artigo/21077-entenda-industria-pode-otimizar-setores-automotivos-eletronico-uso-cobots

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